Would We Listen?

Do you ever wonder what they're thinking about, while we admire them?

I'm having trouble lately, not knowing which direction to go. Photography has always been an escape for me, from the facets of this human world. I was lucky enough to learn that taking a step outside normality reveals so much more about this place. This is a big planet. A big planet with big ecosystems, big open spaces, big trees and mountains and wild animals roaming it all; but slowly, that space is disappearing. The walls are closing on all things wild, as our population grows exponentially and our technological advances keep improving. Humans will adapt to whatever it is a changing world throws at them. The others won't be so lucky.

I don't think I can continue to take pretty photos of wild animals and act like everything is okay. Because, it's not.

What remains is beautiful, and truly inspirational. It all inspires me. If the natural world could talk, what would it say? And would we as a society listen? The truth is, the natural world is talking, and it's talking right to us. Listen.

If I'm going to keep a camera in my hand for the rest of my life, as I so wish to do, I need to change gears. When I first began this journey, I wanted to be a voice for my subjects and capture the facets of their lives that make them so incredible. I like to think I've done that, to some extent, but I know I could do better. We could all do better. Here and now.

It's time to start the next chapter, and actually make a difference on this big planet; with its big ecosystems, big open spaces, big trees and mountains and wild animals roaming it all.

How? I have no idea, but when I look back on it all some day, I want to know that I made a difference. And if I didn’t, I want to know that I tried.

Here’s to trying.


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