S is for Spring

Spring is for the songbirds.

At last, the forests are filled with song. I’ve made it my goal this year to get out of my (once established, but since broken thanks to excursions in Montana…) comfort zone, and get into the woods and off the trail to where the songbirds are. The last month or so has been spent trudging down steep and mossy ravines, up sharp rock outcuts, through dense brush and tick-littered understory to get up close to the songbirds. Leaving the trail and heading into the backcountry was so new to me last year, but it made me realize something quite beautiful. I find a deeper connectedness to the woods when I create a path of my own.

These photographs represent some of my findings thus far.

An ovenbird on a once downed tree, a black-throated green warbler amongst the lichens, and a chestnut-sided warbler in hawthorn.

S is for spring, and spring is magical.

OVEN 5-14-19.jpg
BTGW 5-11-19 II.jpg
CSWA 5-7-19.jpg