Kyle is a 21 year-old wildlife photographer with a great passion for birds. Growing up in Orange County, NY has provided Kyle with a plethora of birds and wildlife to discover throughout the seasons. He enjoys spending his summers on the coast photographing the various beach nesting birds in their breeding habitats, as well as his winters back home, where he has access to the vast populations of wintering raptors in the region. Kyle's journeys have taken him to the shores of the south, the forests of the north and mountains of the west. He has explored national parks and wilderness lands in all corners of North America.

Through photography Kyle has learned that these creatures sure are delicate, and their conservation is an absolute necessity to our world. Kyle's goal in life is to not only to take the photos, but to raise awareness for the beautiful birds and wildlife throughout North America. The more people see, the more support they will provide, and that is what nature needs. 

Kyle has had various work published in local newspapers and magazines, as well New York's "The Conservationist" and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's "America's Favorite Birds" Coloring Book in September 2016. He was one of forty photographers nationwide with an image published in the book, and received special recognition from the board at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for his participation. Kyle is constantly striving to better his work, and gain public recognition. He is currently a budding wildlife scientist, studying in upstate New York. 

None of the wildlife pictured on this site are unethically set up, baited, or called in. We believe that letting nature unfold in front of the lens yields the best results for everyone. 


Images provided by Kyle Dudgeon. All rights reserved.