In Hawaiian, the word Makai means “towards the sea.”

Ever since a young age, I’ve found within myself a deep love for the oceans, the fish, the ecosystems and the coastlines that connect them to us on land. There’s a certain feeling that comes with being around the ocean, whether it’s standing on the shore looking out at its vastness, floating on it from a boat, diving under the surface of the water; it is somewhat indescribable. I believe the only way to truly describe it is to go out there, and experience it for yourself. I felt it in Hawaii, as I swam amongst the fish, admired the birds in flight over the waves, hiked through the most vibrant forests and climbed lookouts, all surrounded by the Pacific. I felt free, and refreshed by the deep blue ocean hues and intermingled coral reefs just waiting for adventure. To know that there is a place out there where this exists, where the ocean surrounds you and lives with you, is truly something special. Perhaps there is room for me.

Hawaii, you’re unlike any other place on this planet. I will be thinking of you, until we meet again.