Adventures Pending

Every story you hear about a climber, a cross-country hiker, an outdoor enthusiast, they all begin with one life changing moment; one that opened up their mind so wide that it let life in, and changed them. Maybe it was the view atop El Capitan after a long overnight climb, or the first light of a spring morning painting over the Wind River Range. Whatever it may have been, it was unforgettable. I've had these moments, too. Some here at home, others amongst the open space of Yellowstone, and South Dakota. Nights under the milky way, with best friends. Bonfires and ice cold beers in the middle of January. Even those long walks through any old stand of trees without telephone wires running through them. Those are adventures. They are what you make them.

Maybe it was the time you saw your first Blackburnian warbler, or watched an eagle fishing from your boat. Your first Adirondack high peak, or overnight hike. It was a moment that changed you, something you'll never forget. As I open up this next chapter in my book of life, I take these memories with me; for they have made me the person I am today.

This chapter begins far from home. Far from a warm shower and a cozy bed at night. It starts in the mountains and valleys of Montana; places where no one goes. It starts with my roots, and that drive to connect with natural places. And most importantly, it starts with adventure. I've been craving an escape, and I've finally gotten my chance. Stay tuned for a story, because I assure you, you won't want to miss this one.



My home is with the hills and trees around me. 

My ceiling holds the moon and stars above. 

So I'll never be a lonely man walking. 

And I'll never live one day without love.


- t.b.t.