To the Birds* That Captured My Heart...

Last year it was "the bird" that captured my heart - as we all know, the piping plover. This year, "the birds" have done it. Because what fun would another summer at the shore be if spent only photographing one beach nester? 

So I guess this next part will apply to the both of them now: 

How exactly did two* little birds* capture the hearts of so many?

A question I ask myself all the time as I lay belly-down in the sand for hours on end all to capture a photo that recreates the feeling of being there, in that moment. I'm still looking for it, but I feel as though I'm getting closer and closer each and every day.

Well folks, consider this the teaser. There's a long summer ahead, and it's only getting started. Perhaps maybe even... a third bird? Only time will tell.