Meet Sisu

Meet Sisu.

She's an eastern golden eagle who was trapped and banded today in Delaware County, NY. In addition to being banded, she was fitted with a GPS tracking device which uses satellite data to record her everyday movements. She is now part of an ongoing study by Tom Salo and other local wildlife biologists here in the area. Golden eagles are a listed endangered species in New York. During the winter months, they migrate south to our area and beyond in search of food and other resources. I am so fortunate to have seen so many of these incredible birds over the past year. They are truly breathtaking animals. Sisu is such a fitting name for her, as it translates to strength of will, determination, perseverance and the ability to sustain courage in the face of adversity.

Sometimes it's nice to step away from all the madness in this crazy world, and just lose yourself in something beautiful. Looking deep into the eyes of a golden eagle will do that to you. I am forever grateful for opportunities like this. May they lead to many, many more. 

Godspeed Sisu! Hope to see you again some day.