Thank You Winter

Winter on the beach.

SNOW 12-28-17 iPhone.jpg

When the beach chairs are folded away, and the cold moves in, magic happens. Green in the dunes soon fades to gold. Winter visitors begin making their way to the beach, the bay, the islands of sedge. The ducks in the breakers, the owls of the dunes, the gulls of the air. The ocean grows angrier, the winds stronger. The ever dynamic outer beach lives up to its full potential; changing the landscape with each passing minute. Never is there a greater time to see the beach in its natural state.

The wide eyes of a snowy owl at dawn. The cold winter winds welcoming a new day. It's all so perfect, as if it were written. Winter coastlines have this way of drawing me back time and time again. They are simply addicting. And for that, I say thank you.