Lens, No Camera

Camera and lens.jpg

I saw a fisher yesterday... at college camp here up past the top of campus. It isn't very common seeing them, I've heard. He trotted across the dirt road in front of me, paused briefly once he had done so and then disappeared into the brush, never to be seen again. My camera was sitting beside me, but rather than reach for it, I decided to watch the animal with my eyes. I'm now left with a memory, not a photograph. 

I really do wonder just how that fisher and I crossed paths. What made a highly elusive animal like himself and my noisy little pickup truck meet at that exact moment? The school owns 276 acres of forest up there; relatively untouched. If meeting on the same acre was a rare occurrence, how about the same dirt road? 

Nevertheless, be thankful for the ways things work out. And sometimes, maybe it's worth leaving the camera home.